Title Services

A title company is engaged in the business of guaranteeing and insuring the ownership of real estate. This involves preparing and then making available various types of title evidences. These title evidences make possible the safe transfer of real estate and enable lenders to lend money safely on property

Escrow & Settlement Services

Escrow services are provided based upon written instructions mutually agreed to by all parties. Oral instructions are not accepted either initially or as an amendment to the written instructions.Settlement service is a generic term which encompasses a wide variety of services that are related to closing real estate transactions; paying off prior liens and mortgages and disbursement of new loans.  Escrow services are treated as part of the over-all settlement services.  However, it does not precisely describe many loan closing services and the term is less than satisfactory, especially in those markets which base their instructions on the sales contract.

Closing Services

In order to complete our closing in a professional manner, we must work together.  If we have a problem, don’t point fingers, simply work together to resolve the problem.  Communication is key.  The lender must have all the information regarding the buyer to make a decision as to the loaning of funds

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